RSJs & STEEL 'H' or 'I' BEAMS with railway sleepers

Railway sleepers slotted into steel RSJs to create compost bins. Railwaysleepers.comOld railway sleepers slotted into steel RSJs or I or H beams. Railwaysleepers.comWhether you call them steel beams, 'RSJs' or 'I' or 'H' beams, they are a very strong and efficient way of building a retaining wall. Traditionally you only used to see railway sleepers slotted into RSJs or I or H beams on farms (silage & manure bays, and the wooden sides of barns), or in builders merchants & commercial settings, (aggregate bays and warehouses). In the busy world of building supplies, you need practicality, efficiency and durability for your aggregate bays of materials. As loading machines push and knock against the walls every day, the steel RSJ framework and hardwood railway sleepers take quite a battering, and they are up to the task! The added bonus with this system of slotting railway sleepers into these steel channels, is that should one railway sleeper ever break, you can slide it out and replace it!
Aggregate bays are created by slotting old railway sleepers into steel RSJ, I or H beams. Railwaysleepers.comRailway sleepers slotted into steel RSJs are used in a domestic garden as a retaining wall. However this method of building retaining walls is gaining popularity in domestic projects, where the landscape design requires both raw strength, practical construction and an industrial look.
RSJs and railway sleepers are very easy to construct with. Simply concrete the steel beams into the ground and slot in the railway sleepers. (Similar to building a fence with concrete slotted fence posts). They are very strong & longlasting, epecially with high walls. RSJs are often used to shore up rivers & pontoons. RSJs enable the simple removal of railway sleepers. They can be easily replaced in the future. They are very rigid. RSJs help to prevent the railway sleeper wall from twisting, warping or buckling. They are good for the planet. RSJs are made from 100% recyclable steel. 


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