Luke's unique garden shed from planked railway sleepers

Hi guys, just sharing my railway sleeper project.  I needed a garden
shed but decided rather than the usual eyesore colorbond tin boxes, I'd
build something with a bit of character.  It's framed up with recycled
hardwood studs from a demolished house, and clad with old railway
sleepers that I cut up myself and features a hundred year old jail cell
door and brass lights salvaged from an old ship.  Used 2 old railway
spikes as the look keeper on the door.  Pretty stoked with the results.

Luke Cossalter in Australia Says..

Many thanks for sharing your original railway sleeper project. A unique shed, and an impressive and dedicated example of reclaiming old materials. Not many people have the tools or patience to plank used railway sleepers, so all credit to you. The 100 year old jail cell is a lovely touch. A stroke of recycling genius!