Gary & Magda's decking

It's been pretty basic straight foward stuff. I've removed trees, grinded stumps, built fence, drilled and put posts in, made framework & fixed decking! Just have to put in the lights and the glass balastrade at the end of the decking.

It took me approximately 5 weeks but would have been shorter if I'd had some one helping me other than one day. I really enjoyed the project and at the minute I am levelling the bottom of the garden in preparation for a 4m x 3m mancave. A place to escape upcoming married life. Haha. A wedding present to myself one could say
Gary and Magda. Says..

Nothing like starting as you mean to go on! Still, I'm sure a bit of space is good all round! Thanks so much for the excellent photos. You have put in so much time and energy, and have been rewarded with a fabulous decking area that has added so much style and space to your garden. Who knows, you might even sit out there with your wife!