'King Shaun's Castle' with railway sleeper decking and fireplace

Here are a few pictures of our project completed in the summer at the bottom of our garden. It started as a log cabin but then my imagination went wild. It became 'Shaun’s Castle', with hardwood railway sleepers for the patio and also a mantelpiece which was actually a cut off we saved from the Azobe railway sleepers.

Azobe tropical hardwood railway sleepers

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In the 1600's the expression 'an Englishman's home is his castle' became enshrined in law. Shaun has clearly taken this literally and converted the inside of his summer house into an impressive fortress against marauding invaders. The outside sturdy railway sleeper deck will last for centuries, as Shaun, magnificently clad in suit of armour, addresses his assembled armies, and the flames from the beautiful stone fireplace with railway sleeper mantelpiece will warm his noble family each night after battle, as he recounts tales of valour, with shield and sword to recreate each moment of bravery. And of course the hanging Bayeux tapestry perfectly documents his victories. Long live King Shaun!