Transforming a nightmare with hardwork and railway sleepers

This was some project. To cut a long story short we took over from a company who completely destroyed this garden, put a digger on its side and left with money that they had not earned. I received a call from a good friend who runs Emmett's Garden Maintenance to go and take a look, and after a couple of discussions we decided to price and take the job on in the evenings, as we have both been very busy. After a long haul, sweat and a few late evenings we are happy with our results. Couldn't of got this done without Sam at Emmett's Garden Maintenance. A little bit of a tidy up tonight and we are there
Dan Matthews
DL Surfacing and Groundwork Says..

There's nothing more awful and shocking for a customer than employing a so called landscaping company that messes up a project and then scarpers with the money. The absolute pits. In contrast, what a godsend to them when a professional company like yours steps in and makes something wonderful out of a disaster. After a lot of hardwork, creativity and new railway sleepers, and you have transformed the garden. To echo your customer:  'Can't thank you enough guys for completing an excellent job..... Turned my nightmare into something amazing.'