Eagle Brewery Wharf fixed oak benches

I refer to our previous correspondence and discussions regarding a number of railway sleepers the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames purchased from Kilgrany to use at a project in Kingston, known as Eagle Brewery Wharf.  At the time you asked if I would send you photographs of the finished product.
After a lot of problems with the supplier of the stainless steel legs, the completed benches have been installed. I have attached a number of photographs of the benches for your use.  The seating layout involved a number of fixed benches, some that rotate upon a pivot and a long bench comprising of 16 No timbers laid in two rows of two.
There was a late requirement to sand and chamfer the timbers which has left them with a stripped effect which is slowly fading.  I am still looking to clean them up using a wood bleach, but at present am unable to confirm when this will be carried out. 

David Mallet   

RailwaySleepers.com Says..

Thank you so much for the photos of the finished fixed seats and the process you went through. Your public benches from new oak have a real sense of solid weight and sturdiness that will weather and change in colour over the coming years, as they form a permenant outdoor part of Kingston Upon Thames