Caren Chamberlain's railway sleepers in a small garden


Dear Kilgraney,
I Just thought I would send some pics you may like to see of my project.
My garden is very small, but I just wanted to prove you can still use sleepers creatively even in a small garden.
The photos are from the start right through to the finish of one side of the garden. (the area to be lawned has been covered in black bags till the spring).
My dad used a circuar saw to cut the pine sleepers but the blade didn't quite reach through despite turning the sleeper over and sawing from both sides so he finished it by hand, hence the photo!
There is also a photo of a very confused frog which has resided in my garden for many years and couldn't work out what had got in the way of his normal route round!!
The Old African Azobe has weathered beautifully with "feathering" patterns on its surface. We put it flat to terrace the gravelled area and it looks great.

I would also like to thank you for helping my dad move the sleepers into the back garden. I didn't say anything at the time, but the previous day he was in an accident where a skip lorry "T-boned" his car - ripping the whole left side off. He was battered and bruised, but otherewise lucky to be alive. I was worried about him lifting anything, but your help was greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Caren Chamberlain Says..

Thankyou for your kind feedback and great set of pictures. You show perfectly how you can use railway sleepers effectively in a compact situation.
Lovely photo of a bemused frog ! Hope he recovers his bearings, and your Dad improves after his ordeal (not just the sleeper cutting !)