Chipping Norton Health Centre's railway sleeper raised beds

It seems ages since green gym began Chipping Norton health centre project but we have managed to make progress. As you may recall we wanted to postpone the delivery of our railway sleepers as we couldn’t see how to do this job in the lockdown. The haulier tried to deliver the railway sleepers to the health centre but in the end delivered it to us and moved it all himself. He was really nice. The wood was stacked up 8 planks high on our patio.  Peter and I spent a pleasant hour trundling the railway sleepers through our alleyway and stacking it. The railway sleepers then had a peaceful and socially distant summer other than the odd cat sitting on them
We then began action at Chipping Norton health centre. We were then now meeting in groups and we decided that the couples in our group could get digging. We got the railway sleepers together and began laying out the boxes and cutting the turf. Peter appears to be doing everything but I can’t take photo and work simultaneously! We are only doing this at weekends as we are not at the health centre in the light of the corona virus .
Hilary Norris Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
Many thanks for your photos and the description of the building of your railway sleeper raised beds. The Corona Virus pandemic has changed life in so many ways, and has inevitably effected both the timescale of your project and the practicalities of how you were able to organise people to construct it. Great to see your progress.