This is just an email to congratulate you on an excellent website. I stumbled across it by accident and it inspired me to transform our scruffy Catford garden which was just finished last week. Every single project on your 'project ideas' pages have been visited by me on many many occasions for inspiration. Attached are some pictures of it now it is finished including the obligatory dog ones.
We used new oak railway sleepers for the fence posts which then also formed the corners of the raised beds and seat on the left. I used reclaimed sleepers for the lower levels, short walls in front of the cabin and the step and topped them with new oak making the whole area sitable on. I also used reclaimed sleepers as gravel boards for the fence and stuck lights in them and it looks great. The whole lot is fixed with 200mm Timberlok screws and you were right about needing a powerful drill. The third and last one I bought was 1050W and finally did the job on the tougher ones.
The great thing about working with railway sleepers is that you don't need to be too accurate as the rough edges look OK and 'almost level' works fine - the theme I went for was rustic! My wife never thought I'd finish it but is delighted now. And one last thing, apart from carrying them through the house, I did the whole thing single handed (albeit over 2 months!)
Thanks for the inspiration.
Tim Hussey,
Catford, South London

New Oak railway sleepers
Reclaimed hardwood railway sleepers

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A genuinely impressive transformation from scruffy area to delightful garden! The eye-catching blend of lighter new oak railway sleepers and darker reclaimed railway sleepers is really effective, and the seating area surrounded by raised beds is gorgeous. A big thumbs up!