I purchased approximately 35 Azobe railway sleepers from you approximately 2 years ago to build a retaining wall. I have now finally got round to sending you the photographs!
I built the wall by first digging some foundations approximately 2 feet deep. I then filled and leveled the foundations with concrete. I layed the first level of railway sleepers on the concrete whilst it was still wet and I drove in 4 lengths of rebar (approxmatley 1m long) into each railway sleeper and into the ground till it was flush with the top of the sleeper. This was to underpin the first layer of railway sleepers and give them a sound footing. I then laid the railway sleepers to the finished level, fixing with them with timberlok screws. I used a battery powered 24v drill to drive the timberlok screws into the Azobe railway sleepers (it was a new drill and is now knackered!). I used a chainsaw and many chains to cut the Azobe railway sleepers to length and angles required. The railway sleepers were extremely hard and heavy but I was extremely pleased by the finish and look. As you can probably see there are a number of curved raiwlay sleepers used on the top level which made for a nice effect and rounded off the harsh angles. The off cuts from the Azobe railway sleeprs were given to my father who used them on his real fire in the living room. 1 off cut would burn slowly for about 4 hours and give off a lot of heat with no smoke!
Andy Cartwright
Burton On Trent

Used Azobe tropical hardwood railway sleepers
2600mm x 2400mm x 140mm approx Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
What a fantastic construction accompanied by an equally illuminating description of your project with wonderful photos. A brilliant transformation, especially one using one of the most ultimate yet demanding of railway sleepers. A great achievement.