Christopher Wyatt's (& Puppy) new railway sleeper steps and walls

Hi I bought some railway sleepers from you going back September 2016. It was for a home project in my back garden. I just wanted to share it along with some pictures of before and after. But also wanted (albeit delayed) thank you for the service you provided.

Not much of a clue how to go about at organising the pictures, but it basically started off with a double walled garden, unclear as to why? I knocked down both walls and secured the garden back with some standard planks. I then proceeded to then place the railway sleepers vertically as posts followed by a drainage system. I then started to secure the rest of the railway sleepers in place vertically only requiring two levels. Once this was done I then did the steps. I finished off the railway sleepers but making borders for the flower patch to the left and the vegetable patch to the right. I then finished the garden off by returfing the bare patch and planting a variety of flowers in the flower bed and flower pots for the steps. All done with a 3 month old puppy along side me. I also included my original sketch of what I wanted...not too bad an outcome I thought.

Thanks again.

Christopher Wyatt

New British Pine eco friendly railway sleepers Says..

Many thanks for the great selection of photos, the description of the process you went through, and of course the invaluable contributions of your puppy, who seems to be taking most of the credit for the design! An extensive and impressive transformation of your garden using new railway sleepers that has no doubt taken a huge amount of hard work and determination from start to finish.