Jess's oak patio wall & steps with new railway sleepers

The end of a huge project involving the shifting of over a hundred tons of soil, in order to build an extension. At times it felt like a daunting mud caked task, but I am thrillled with the outcome. We built a smart retaining wall from your new oak railway sleepers to frame the new patio and construct steps up into the garden, and we fixed lattice trellis work on top of the oak railway sleepers to finish it all off. Very happy! 

New oak railway sleeper, 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm
150mm Timberlok sleeper screws Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
What an amazing transformation of your garden from the early chaotic photos of diggers and extensive piles of mud to such a beautifully landscaped patio with steps leading to the garden. The new oak railway sleepers look wonderful, and are already aging to a gentle silver grey. All in all an impressive and eye catching project, that creates an attractive boundary between the patio and the new extension and the rest of the garden. A great railway sleeper project.