Roy's garden furniture from new railway sleepers

Attached are a few photos of garden furniture made using your new ailway sleepers.  I had to keep the designs simple to make because I do not have a workshop or bench, just basic hand tools.  I half inched the designs from photos on your website.

As you can see, our dog Dave enjoys sitting on the chair.  Incidentally, I made the plant containers from decking.


Roy Jones Says..

It's really great to see the photos of what you've created and It's pleasing that you've found inspiration from the designs on the website. Railway sleepers encourage simple, robust and chunky designs, and the uncomplicated and 'honest' nature of your furniture is its strength. The extra long back on the railway sleeper 'throne' chair looks particularly effective, in a Rennie Macintosh kind of way - see attached pictures of some of  his famous 100 year old chairs. Dave appreciates that, you see!