Impressive raised bed water feature using railway sleepers

We were sent details of '' in which they write:

When planning a water feature for your garden you might picture something with rocks and masonry walls, constructed from building materials. But perhaps you don't want to spend several days digging holes, mixing cement, and laying blocks and bricks? Maybe you don't have the necessary skills, or the strength of a builder's labourer? An alternative construction method is to build a combined raised bed and water feature using 'railway sleeper size' timbers (8x4 lumber).

Have a look at their link for full information, instructions and photos:

New softwood 200mm x 100mm railway sleepers Says..

If you are thinking of building a water feature using railway sleepers and don't know where to start, or how to design it, or what materials to use, or how much it may cost, then take a look at the website ''. Yes, there's only a choice of one project, but the instructions and step by step photos are really excellent, and someone has taken a lot of time to pass on their wisdom. Shame there's not a human being to thank!