Nigel's creation of raised railway sleeper pond

From a sunken 1500 litre moulded pond to a large raised railway sleeper pond.  The first job was to find new homes for all the plants.
Once done, I had to re-route the electrics as they would have finished up underneath the new pond. Next to catch the fish.  We housed them in dustbins whilst the old pond was emptied and lifted out the hole. Once out, the water and fish were re introduced to the moulded pond. Building with the railway sleepers was easy, placing the base layer onto a layer of damp course, after making sure the ground was level.  The rest was easy except for fitting the pond liner. The pond is 3m long 2.6 m wide and 1.5m at its deepest. All fish (28) are now swimming happily in their new pond!
Many thanks to for your assistance.

New British Pine eco friendly railway sleepers Says..

It's great to see the extensive photos of your new large raised pond, which certainly tranforms the old sunken pond, and creates a fine new home for your fish. It's also brilliant to read about the process you went through. Really impressive and a tribute to your determination and hard work.