New oak creosote treated railway sleepers


Length Width Depth Unit Price (+vat) Quantity
ONE ONLY pack left of 20 new creosote treated sleepers Length: 2600 Width: 250 Depth: 150 £700.00 £580.00 - +


Grade:   These packs of creosote treated railway sleepers were rejected before they were installed on the train track in Holland, because they didn't meet the specific Dutch railway specifications. 
Colour: Dark brown, mainly caused by the creosote colour. See pictures. 
Weight: Very heavy to lift. These are 2.6m x 250mm x 150mm size railway sleepers which can weigh 90-100 kg each, so the pack will weigh at least 2,000kg. You will need a forklift or mechanical offload to take them off the delivery vehicle. Bear this in mind when you order this particular size of railway sleeper. How do I plan to move the railway sleepers into position? (e.g. the back of a garden). 
Treatment: Creosote treated. See further information about use of creosote. Handle with gloves. Avoid using them around children's play areas, schools, public areas or places where people may sit on them or regularly come into skin contact with them. Probably best to chose a different type of railway sleeper if you want to grow vegetables, through possible risk of contamination. Creosoted railway sleepers will commonly weep tar in the summer, although it is hard to predict which ones will or won't. 
Description: This creosote treated unused oak railway sleeper is probably fairly seasoned by now, (meaning it's not been freshly cut in the last 2 years). The oak is normally square edged on all faces, with some some occasional rounded edges (scallops) , where the oak has been cut from the outside of the tree. See pictures above. It can also have splits, knots & blemishes.
Cutting: Very hard. You'll need a circular saw / chainsaw / powered saw to cut these railway sleepers. Remember to use gloves and face mask to protect yourself from the creosote. As with any project, it makes sense to try and limit the amount of cuts you need to do. Try and plan a design that fits with the size of our railway sleepers!
Attaching / Fixing: Timberlok will not screw through these without a pilot hole, even if the drill is powerful, so it makes sense to pre-drill.
Sizes: IMPORTANT. All sizes below are approximate. That means that although a railway sleeper is described as 2600mm in length,depth or width it may in fact be several centimetres longer or shorter. This is due to the fact that when sawmills cut railway sleepers, they don't see them as having to be milimetre accurate in dimension. As it happens, most landscaping projects have an element of flexibility or tolerance in them and can cope with this. If your project needs exact accuracy in length, width or depth, then you may to cut them to your precise specifications yourself, or think of using a different railway sleeper.

Our comment
These unused creosote treated oak railway sleepers are rejected track sleepers that were never used on the Dutch Railway because they failed to meet the strict criteria. It may be because they had splits, or were cut from the wrong part of the tree, were the wrong size, or were slightly bent. They are still very substantial and long lasting oak railway sleepers that will exist a long time. Because of their weight they must be offloaded by forklift rather than by hand. They shoud only be used for projects and locations where there are no issues about the use of creosote. i.e. not around schools, children's play area, inside a building, or in public areas where people may come into frequent skin contact with them. 

Extra Info


Extra information:

WHAT DELIVERY CHOICES DO I HAVE for these railway sleepers ?

You have two options, depending on which delivery option you chose at the checkout stage online, or when you telephone the office.
This is the cheapest, most popular & efficient means of delivery that covers 100% of the UK. 
* YOU can chose any delivery day you want in advance within 2- 4 working days, Mon - Fri, between 9am & 5pm.
* YOU can chose, for a surcharge, a next day delivery, timed delivery or saturday delivery.
* YOU are responsible for offloading these heavy railway sleepers from the vehicle. The vehicle does NOT have a crane offload, so you will need a forklift.
The vehicle is normally a non-artic rigid lorry (carrying approx 10 - 15 tons)

This delivery charge is usually more expensive than the Pallet system, but is essential if you order a pack of heavy railway sleepers and you don't have a forklift.

You must ensure in advance that a lorry has clear access to your property. It is crucial to tell us, when we contact you to arrange delivery, whether there are any delivery problems - e.g. a narrow road, cul de sac, cars parked in front of the property etc... An unsuccesful delivery will incur a further charge, often equal to the original.