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What kind of decking screws do you recommend?
What railway sleepers are best for decking?

What kind of decking screws do you recommend?

The TimberLok decking screws are an excellent way of fastening decking boards.    HOW TO BUY TIMBERLOK DECKING SCREWS

Which sleepers are best for decking?

I need some advice, please could you inform me which are the best or most popular railway sleepers to use for decking, and do you have them in stock? Paul
Kilgraney: Thanks for your e-mail A hard question to answer because it depends on the look you are wanting. From a practical construction point of view, handling, cutting and staining, it is easier to use new railway sleepers - either new French or Canadian Oak, new British Pine, or new African Azobe. They tend to be straighter, and don't have tar or creosote weeping out of them in the summer. They will age and 'character' over the coming years, and last for decades. If you plump for going for used railway sleepers, then you can chose between the used untreated Australian jarrah and the used African azobe. You get bags of character and weathering, and no problems with no creosote. Of course the surface of the deck will be more uneven and aged, but that after all is one of the reasons for using them instead of conventional decking!


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