Andy's clock from old railway sleepers

These are a few of the clocks I made with your used railway sleepers.

I did feel rather embrarrased  about stealing your railway sleeper ideas but thought yours was such a beautiful clock I had to do a few myself with offcuts for Xmas presents ... ( I never imagined I would meet the original maker of the clock!!!! when I visited your railway sleeper yard. Its a small world, hey!!!)  You certainly have an eye for a good design!!!!

I will be in touch soon about more railway sleepers and it was lovely to meet you.

Andy Hale Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
It was great to meet you, and brilliant to see the photo of your railway sleeper clocks. No problem about being inspired by our projects. You've added your own particular twist to the idea, and created something equally unique.