Ali Lister's sleeper fever

We recently took delivery of some of these used dutch oak railway sleepers. We bought them as edging for a new lawn. They are great. We liked them so much we decided to buy some more. Plan B is now to add more railway sleepers as edging, level the lawn and replace the turf, and build raised beds to the right, and under and around the tree! We have railway sleeper fever! Our garden was designed by Dale Followes of Flintham. We had never heard of railway sleepers before, but we have now! We like the raised effect you get from using the railway sleepers, plus the offcuts are regular so offer great possibilities. For example, you can make mysterious, turreted, wall, thingies for under your trees. More subtle than an arbour and twice as confusing! Many railway sleepers were harmed during the making of this garden! All we need now is the Dutch railway station to go with them! Thanks again for such a wonderful product and excellent customer service.
Ali Lister

Used Dutch oak top grade railway sleepers
2600mm x 250mm x 125mm Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
Railway sleeper fever is seen as highly contagious although generally only adversely effecting the length of the arms and emptiness of the pocket. Those afflicted will experience extreme euphoria & bouts of creative energy when in contact with used railway sleepers & depression when separated. WARNING Handle with care!