Gareth's railway sleeper edged patio, and raised bed

Apologies for the delay in getting this to you, I haven't stopped since I last saw you! Anyway just a quick note to say that the new Oak Railway Sleepers and Landscaping Poles that you supplied me with were fantastic and have made the exterior of our house look wonderful, the quality of the goods really have enhanced the overall appearance of our property. I started the project in Late November 2004 and it has taken around 3 months to complete, bearing in mind the all of the work was completed during weekends. We originally decided that we would design a Raised Patio using the railway sleepers and a stepped rockery through the use of the Landscaping Poles, as you will see for the photographs attached the finished article was better that I could have ever expected, especially to say that it was the first time that we had done it. Also we have had a good number of people comment on the way in which it has been done with the use of the wooden products and I have, of course, referred them onto you, also I have given consideration to starting up and doing this as a full time job therefore if you do know of anyone that may be interested in hiring my services please pass my details on to them. On another point and from a safety aspect I would like to point out that every care should be taken when dealing with these types of materials as I have the injuries to show!
Kindest regards and I look forward to seeing you again>

New Oak railway sleepers
2.6m x 200mm x 100mm
Landscaping Poles Says.. supplies new and used hardwood & softwood railway sleepers throughout the UK.
What a great first project - really impressive and doubtless satisfying to undertake, with a wonderful finish. No wonder you fancy a change in career! You're right about taking care with heavy railway sleepers and poles, especially where cutting and lifting is involved. Hope you're all healed now!