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Customer Feedback


I just wanted to say thanks and that your colleague Karen was very helpful and clear when I was trying to sort out what railway sleepers I needed and wanted from your products...

Nick Wray, Borders, Scotland

Thank you so much for the quick turn around with the Railway Sleepers. It’s great to be working along such a great Supplier. We look forward to continued business together with your great products.

John Canavan, Equestrian Supplier.

I think I'm a Pine Railway sleeper as you've described me to a Tee. You see I have splits, knots, blemished and waney edges. I also started out blonde (well, light ginger to be more accurate) and have turned to grey. My Doctor has told me on quite a few occasions to 'dry out' . I haven't as yet shrunk, and am still holding onto my height of 5' 4" but yes I have been screwed in the nicest possible way! Now I understand my liking for Thomas the Tank Engine!

Bob Terry, a.k.a. The Far Controller

Can I first congratulate you on the most excellent railway sleeper website. It is refreshing to find a professional looking site that includes references to Monty Python and lays claim to an intergalactic haulage network. This is in part the reason I chose your company over others I found online.

Liam Olooney

The railway sleepers arrived today - they are exactly what I wanted. I shall certainly send you pictures of the project when I'm finished. Also, the delivery driver was brilliant - huge lorry in small village, but he wasn't fazed at all. The service was first rate all round. Many thanks.

Charles Mitchell

I have just been on your website and I am emailing to congratulate you on your brilliant delivery terms to Outer Space. It really made me laugh out loud and at this point in time this is much needed!! Stay Safe

Girls from The Peak

I am really pleased with my new railway sleepers which have replaced 20 year old rotting genuine railway sleepers. Fortunately my previous landscaper placed the old sleepers on concrete levels so I only had to cut to length and set on the existing bases. And the weather was great for outdoor exercise. Excellent service right from informative, helpful and amusing website through to on time delivery. Well done. Thanks.


We are so pleased with your excellent service. Your railway sleepers arrived in time and made up for the fact that we were let down by another firm who took our money weeks ago and then failed to contact us last week to say they could not supply. It made it possible for our workmen today to carry out the job in my wife’s walled garden with her raised bed railway sleeper renewal.

Charles Leith

Many thanks for my previous order of timberlok railway sleeper screws which arrived VERY quickly on Bank holiday Saturday. Consequently I was able to complete my main railway sleeper project over the weekend. Perfect outcome!

Les Byard

Thank you so very much for your time and trouble in sorting out the delivered railway sleepers. The recipient of the railway sleepers is very pleased and your outfit is very nice to deal with. Your website is fantastic - all in all a great company. Very best wishes to you all.

Christine Fairbrother

Your oak barrel arrived today reeking of whisky and very nicely packed on a pallet which the driver kindly brought up the drive to the door. I'm very pleased. I am not sure whether I would rather stick my head inside them and breathe the whisky fumes or fill them with soil!

Phillip Jones

I like very much how your webstie is a resource for ideas and how to work with railway sleepers rather than just a railway sleeper shop like so many others. I do a lot of DIY, and try to do this at the highest level possible, not because I am so much in love wtih it, but because I simply can't afford to engage all the professionals. So having websites like yours is pure gold in that respect! Very well done!

Nik Crosina

You guys have a great Service with really great advice. You had everything we needed and really clear instructions on what we needed to do for the best results

Neil Walker

I am loving the railway sleepers. I can't remember the guys name who owns the company who helped me so much but he was a fantastic help as I really didn't know what I was doing just fumbling my way through ordering it. And he sure came to my rescue.

Clare Bolton, Nottingham

I am very happy with my new toys and look forward to years of fun trying to improve my veggie growing skills with them. Thank you for also the efficiency of your ordering and delivery service – and the quality of the railway sleeper kits. All very good stuff. Thank you again.

Malcolm (Webb)

I have spent the best part of two years with your web page open on my desktop computer awaiting the day I can actually ask something meaningful, and here it is! Apart from the Azobe and Jarrah railway sleepers, are any of the other woods untreated?

Paul Chapman

Love your web site. Nice to read something written by a human with a sense of humour!

Alun Ritchie

Thank you very much for the delivery of our railway sleepers and for going out of your way to deliver and offload. The chap we met on site was fab too, very helpful and knowledgeable about the products.

Katie, Langar, Nottingham

Only a small project – but I just wanted to say we are delighted. Our builder/gardener hadn’t encountered railway sleepers that could be creosote/tar free. He consulted a couple of local suppliers of new oak “railway sleepers” who were adamant that there was no such thing as an impregnation-free used railway sleeper. Our friends who’d made an unusable sandpit from tar-impregnated railway sleepers warned us against. In fact pretty well everyone said you’ll regret this, they’ll be impregnated and will start seeping all sorts of nasty things that make them impossible to sit on. But we were confident enough in your website, we persuaded our builder, and the railway sleepers (Azobe) were exactly as you promised – tar free. And we feel the look fully vindicates our desire to use real used railway sleepers rather than new wood cut into railway sleeper sizes. (And it wasn’t our chain saw that was used to cut them…) Thanks from a very satisfied customer

John Swanson

We have been very pleased with the delivery, quality of the railway sleepers and fixings, advice available on the website, and the final project!

Chris Jordan, Reading