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Customer Feedback

For starters a great website, busy, but really informative. I've changed plans three or four times already this morning in the time I've spent on line!

Alistair Dornan

I don't normally send feedback on websites, I wander around looking for ideas, but the selection of customer photos for the railway sleeper walls is fantastic. Certainly has proved to me that my idea is possible and can look great in the process. Will have to find the time to look around the rest of the sections.Excellent use of the website.


Just wanted to say that your site has been inspirational. Although we couldn't buy the railway sleepers from you as we are in rural Aberdeenshire; delivery would have been prohibitive and we sourced them locally, we have gleaned a large amount of info from your site. A true public service from apparent railway sleeper anoraks! Don't change.

Iain Hoey

What a wonderful website! I don't need any railway sleepers, but if I did, I would certainly buy them from you ! Thanks again for making me laugh out loud. My colleagues thing I've lost it completely!!

Dave Ross

Afternoon - first off I'll get the gushing praise out of the way and add my voice to the many that have complimented both the site, it's contents and the links to the Railway Sleepers ideas page....my wife & I started looking at the projects over a glass of plonk the other evening and polished off the bottle before we knew it. But less about my drinking problems....

Simon Harris

Was contemplating creating a few raised borders for vegetable patches - Zzzzzz- and thought about sleepers - ex-railway of course, rather than deep cover Soviets. Went to a couple of websites before finding yours and began to lose the will to live. Then, bloody hell, I would not have thought there could anything particularly amusing around the supply of railway sleepers. How wrong could I be. Great site, really Pythonesque humour and totally unexpected. When I order it will be from you - even though the cost of shipping to Cornwall is eye-watering. Wonder how many railway sleepers I could get in the back of an XC90 without finishing up in your "overloaded" gallery. Very funny - keep it up


Hello Railway Sleeper Gods! I just have to say first of all that I love your website, and your attitude! I know I've come to the right place when you're warning me of potential future divorce through project addiction !

Helen Burchmore

I searched the Web for railway sleepers and I found your website. It is truly the best website for railway sleepers. It was very informative and I was glued to your site and read and looked at all ideas I found there....I went to bed at 5am after becoming an expert on the subject and dreamed about railway sleepers in the few hours that remain! Naturally, all good things must come to an end! You see, I live in NY city, Brooklyn to be precise for the last 10 years and oh! ...how I envy you all in Britain.... to have a railway sleeper supplier with such a friendly service (according to your feedback) and web site. PS.. Don't change your website, it is just great as it is and I'm a Web Developer! Anyone who buys Railway Sleepers at their lunch break because they have no time for your website, have a serious issue..... or they are an Expert on the subject and in which, case good luck to them.


Hi there, I was doing a search on the internet for companies I could buy a couple of railway sleepers from for a project in my garden, found your site - and a few hours later came out of it in a daze!! The customer photos are amazing and some are really inspirational.


My thanks....THAT is what I call service..... sadly a rare commodity in the early 21st Century...!!! Railwaysleepers.com will grow and prosper using these methods...... and thanks for an EXTREMELY informative railway sleeper website....

David Roberts

The help with railway sleepers I received over the phone was first rate and your website is charming, humorous, informative, unpretentious and all the better for being a little idiosyncratic as well! If only all business was run that way. Keep up the good work!


Gentlemen, I have been on your web site. Incredible information about railway sleepers. One of the best on the internet.

Neil Giarratana, Turin, Italy.

You have zzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiilllionssssssss of railway sleepers so I`m baffled as to what sort I need. Looking at your railway sleeper stock list tipped me over the edge and I gave up and went for a drink. PS I also loved your site. 10 out of 10

Paul Durham

Just to say thanks for a wonderful web site it is inspirational. I am based in Livingston in Scotland and was looking on the internet for railway sleepers to use in my front garden. I found your website what a joy to see all the pictures of what people have achieved. I have told so many people about this website just to look at what you can make out of something so simple. Thanks again for all the info and wonderful pics

Michelle Shergold

Your railway sleepers are the real stars, though. I can't believe that filthy, dirty, old lengths of hardwood transform themselves into glorious, elegant architectural features within seconds, but they do. It's amazing. Thanks for everything.


I must also comment on your website, I am an avid Railwaysleepers.com visitor of late and must say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your website, I has to be one of the most interesting sites I have ever seen! Congratulations on a superb website.

Tracey Brown

A master-class in website construction. Really informative. Everything you need to know is on the site.

Tony Foxton

Many thanks for all your help in supplying us the railway sleeper for our fire mantle. Your help in finding your location was excellent due to your superb website and a quick phone call. We were able to pick out a lovely piece of wood which now adorns our fireplace - Your advice and comments as we selected our wood was most appreciated. Thanks again.

Steve & Diane Langford

What a fabulous website. I was vaguely thinking about using some railway sleepers somewhere in my small and strangely shaped garden, and have been motivated to the point of going outside in the dark in my pyjamas to do some measuring. I'm still not sure, but ideas are abounding!

Emily Evans

Your railway sleeper web-site is great. If more were like it, searching the web would be an easier, more humorous and generally more enjoyable an experience.