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Customer Feedback


We are just starting to landscape our garden and my brother, who lives in the UK suggested we use railway sleepers. An online search gave me your FANTASTIC website - I'm unable to find anything that matches you, online, here in Okotoks (close to Calgary). Do you happen to know where I can purchase as good a quality as you have of railway sleepers here in Alberta, by any slim chance ??

Rita Davies

Congrats on a very friendly website about railway sleepers. Made me laugh!

Gerry Burke

I was reading some of the details regarding the collection and siting of railway sleepers. Comedy afoot! Good stuff, though perhaps not to everyone's taste but I am of similar composition so I was tingling with chuckles as I was reading. Appreciated by me much. If anyone doesn't see it like that then that's their fault for being a stickler!

Victor Williamson

I found your railway sleeper site – Easy to use, reasonable prices and very obviously you want to please …….. sorry it’s such a piddling little order, though !

Neil Knowlden

Fantastic website for ideas even down under in NZ where we have a great supply of railway sleepers. Will be doing steps on a very steep bank eventually so thanks for project ideas!

Claire Brownlie, New Zealand

The website is great, by the way: delightfully quirky.

Dave Combes

I have just been having a great time looking at your site - so well put together and interesting.

Steve Jolley, Essex

Your staff gave excellent advice, help and practical support for me to achieve a rebirth of my garden with your railway sleepers. Thank you.

Gordon, Nottingham

Railway sleepers are new to me so your website is a real eye opener. Your advice is great & I've loved reading the various ideas & projects. I'll take your advice & use TimberLok if I ever take the plunge! Great website loads of info

Andrew Shapcott

Hi there. Just wanted to say I'm very impressed with the railway sleepers. Particularly also the delivery service. Please pass on my thanks for the care they took and also arriving at the time they said they would.

Richard Everett

You have an amazing website. So much useful information about railway sleepers and some humour to make it interesting.. well done !

Jay Majevadia

Super service in the yard and by the office, and delivery of the railway sleepers was very smooth. Many thanks.

Jane Garnett

Congratulations on an excellent railway sleeper web site. It is, indeed, addictive and the customer images have spawned, not only the pond project but raised beds, pathways and seating as well.


Thank you for excellent service. The railway sleepers were delivered to exactly the right spot in our garden yesterday afternoon. Also appreciate your invoice coming in a universally readable format for those of us who run a Microsoft-free computer! Your website is immensely helpful and inspirational. I've already started the 'before' sequence of photographs - will send a small 'portfolio' when the job is finished. Thanks again

Martin & Audrey Hodson

For the record, your railway sleeper web site is excellent in all respects and my two phone calls for advice have been responded to speedily, with courtesy and a very friendly spirit. What a refreshing change to "your call is important to us" but we'll keep you waiting 30mins!! Well done and thank you.

Kevin Miller

Just came through your site via google and love it ! I saw a fantastic railway sleepers design on your site and would like to replicate it.


Thanks for your excellent service - you may recall we spoke at approx 9am on Tuesday morning - the 14 railway sleepers arrived at just before 9am the following morning enabling me to get started in the garden having been let down by Wickes. Many thanks again.

Simon Wright

I received the bolts this morning at 9 a.m. You are an A star great service and I will recommend you to anybody who may be looking for railway sleepers etc !!


l love the site - especially the railway sleeper projects section as I am embarking on a landscaping project and the ideas are great.


Great site about railway sleepers. Very informative and also fun to read.

Gareth Cooper