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Customer Feedback


I can't believe i found this website - i googled 'railway sleepers' hoping for some inspiration on what to do with the four railway sleepers i have acquired.. 4 hours later i realised most of the day i was supposed to be spending actually landscaping had gone! What an amazing site. I'm a regular user of the web for inspiration, ideas and useful tips and hints but have never come across your site, or anything quite so comprehensive or informative. The catalogue of photos from your customers' projects is awe-inspiring, the hard work and imagination that has gone into those gardens makes me want to get started on my own (and dread the back ache that i know is coming!), so many good ideas! You supply a fantastic range of products. I love your tongue in cheek (but never cheeky) style and the satire on the feedback page. You obviously don't take yourselves too seriously which is a very endearing quality (just for making a good website, making me laugh and giving me some much needed inspiration). I was initially looking for ideas for my four lonely (but cherished) railway sleepers but now i find myself wanting to order more from you! Oh no! railway sleeper fever here we come.. (hammock, raised bed, pond, patio,... ( i WILL be charging an entrance fee!) Many thanks for the much needed inspiration injection into my flagging enthusiasm for what is currently my blank canvas/ leveled / mud bath / semi landscaped / weed paradise. Also, i hadn't realised which railway sleepers I have, (I have creosoted ones, I now realise) and was thinking of using them for seating! Thank you.

Kathryn Thompson

For the record, your railway sleepers web site is excellent in all respects and my two phone calls for advice have been responded to speedily, with courtesy and a very friendly spirit. What a refreshing change to "your call is important to us" but we'll keep you waiting 30mins!! Well done and thank you.

Kevin Miller

What a great website. I've pored over it in great detail as I need to order some railway sleepers for my garden and laughed when I saw the info for Intergalatic deliveries. Very funny indeed. It is indeed a great website with lots of useful information which has made the planning of my project so much easier.


I found your website on railway sleepers on an internet search, which is fantastic by the way, lovin' the sense of humour that pervades throughout, on an internet search.

Helen, Arun District Council, West Sussex

Great candour , amusement and even sarcasm in your narrative. The wife does not know what I'm upto but I suppose it's just a matter of time before I'm 'outed'. So before I get banned I just wanted to say, a fantastic site about railway sleepers, educational, informative, helpful and amusing. I will try to sneak on again when she's in bed. OUR REPLY - Thank you for your e-mail. It's a heady cocktail having guilty secrets within relationships. Sometimes you may get away with it for years, although there will inevitably always be the tension and fear of potential exposure when you are 'outed'. Maybe that's the thrill. I guess you need to sit down and take a hard look at your life. Is it worth risking your marriage and family for the sake of some railway sleepers, however irresistible and addictive they may feel?

Nick Bassarab

Firstly what a brilliant website! We had hours of fun browsing...almost forgetting to actually make a choice of railway sleepers!

Caroline Glover

Thanks for the laughs on the website! Very Funny!


Thanks for the excellent website full of ideas which is leading to a possible project with railway sleepers.

Alex Ward

Thank you so much for your email and getting back to me so quick. It has been great to get your views on using your railway sleepers. We will definitely be using your company now mainly because of your great customer service by getting back to me so fast. I will order the railway sleepers on line and will take pics all through the building and then be in contact with the story. Thanks again for all your help in the matter and speak soon.

Ian Marshall, Spargo Hairdressing.

Can I just say what a fantastic website you have!!! I am myself currently investigating the possible import of railway sleepers and I am researching companies that currently sell them. Loving all the pictures and the story about the divorce case. What a breath of fresh air that some companies still reach out to everybody instead of having cheesy photographs of the CEO/MD feeding us all the same corporate rubbish.?


Hi, just a quick email to say we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Karri railway sleepers, they look absolutely perfect in the garden and are actually in really good condition despite warnings from Karen! so thanks to the site manager for looking out 8 good ones. The garden project is not finished yet and there is a hiatus while the gardener goes on hols, but it should be finished towards end of july when rest assured i will get some pics to you. have taken the before pics as requested. Many thanks for the excellent customer service when we were panicking about delivery times.

Eve Sperring

Dear K, I would like to complement you on every aspect of your service. The website is well-designed, easy-to-use and informative. The service is quick - our order arrived 2 days after we placed it. The guy was friendly and didn't mind (I don't think) that I didn't offer to help! The railway sleepers are just what we were after, as described and I think the prices, including for delivery, are very reasonable. I will definitely recommend you, I only feel disappointed that I am unlikely to need any more myself in the near future (although we are moving house soon!) It's great to do business with such an efficient company. I hope to do more business with you in the future.

Ben Ackroyd

Dear K, After delivering 23 railway sleepers to us at Easter, it took us 10 days, start to finish, with the help of 2 or 3 'good friends', who strangely enough we don't seem to have seen much of since then - I think they said something about 'chiropractors' and 'back strain'. It looks absolutely brill - just like the artwork. Since then we've done loads of bopping about at 2 in the morning on the railway sleepers, and everyone who sees it says how effective, wonderfully timesaving and thoroughly enjoyable it is. We've had no trouble whatsoever with leaking tar, & the cats think the railway sleepers are excellent for avoiding the gravel !! All in all, a fantastic success, and when I get a minute from eating and drinking outdoors I will send a photo. Thanks again for just being there, on the 'net' with your railway sleepers.

Happy but tired

I don't know how I got here but I did! I most certainly wasn't searching for railway sleepers, (In fact can't remember now what I was searching for) but I've just spent an enjoyable half hour reading about railway sleepers, poles and decking and browsing some of your customers wonderful and fascinating projects. I have found them so fascinating in fact, that I have bookmarked your site so that I can come back and browse it at my leisure when I have more time. Great site folks, love it. Now, what the hell was I searching for ???

Mike Grieve, Kirkcaldy, Fife.

One of the landscapers we've had round to look at the job recommended your website and I agree with the majority of your correspondents it's a really helpful and informative site about railway sleepers.

Sally Willis

I really love your website about railway sleepers. Simple, easy and informative & also very funny, hope it brings you a lot of business. Kind regards


I can see why you say that working with railway sleepers can become addictive. They are great. Once you have got over the physical strain of man-handling them, the effects are realised immediately, which is very satisfying. I must say that I have been very happy with the service I have received from you, what with changing delivery dates, and supplying extra fixings. I will be more than happy to use you again, should the opportunity arise. I look forward to your response, and thanks again. Kind regards.

Nigel Cookson

Hello You have a really interesting web site about railway sleepers and yes I have a problem getting my husband off your web site !!!

Mrs Charlesworth

Hi there, I've been back and forth to your website for a couple of years now as I plan my garden / railway sleeper project. I love your website and all of the project photos, it has given me so much inspiration!!


Hi Jerry, Thank you and your team for your help with this - my first time working with railway sleepers, and probably not my last! You were not the cheapest quote I received but your service and helpfulness was far and away the best, and you delivered what you promised! Would not hesitate to recommend you in future. I have attached photos of my project - now completed, for your website. Thanks again,